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Alpine Ice

We are aware of the level of creativity that you have with your designs as you completed an incredible display of bouquets in ice for our 10.5.2019 couple. It was exceptional! Do you welcome custom designs such as this and how does the design process work?

​"Yes, almost every sculpture we provide is customized to some extent. We like to work with the client ahead of time to realize their vision in ice. We have some "standards" that are popular, but most pieces are tailored to the specefic event, theme and/or clients desire for funcionality (food display or serving drinks etc.)"

What is the piece you are most proud of that you have created?

​"We are proud of every piece we create and we try to put the same attention to details and exellenace into the work no matter its size or longevity. If I had to pick, our most recent ice install in Vail is high on that list. We created a circular area with pillars of sculpted stone, trees, stars, moons and fire (all in ice)." Photos below!

How does having an ice sculpture included for a wedding day create lasting memories for the couple and their guests?

​"I get a lot of requests for ice at weddings from folks that have seen something in ice at another event that caught their eye and stayed with them that they wanted something similar for their wedding. Sometimes they even send a photo of the sculpture and ask if we can re-create the design, and the answer is yes! Ice can be interactive and functional or purely visual art for a wedding. Anything from a single-block centerpiece, to ice flower vases on pedestals, to an ice wall/arch as a backdrop for the ceremony - ice adds something different and elegant to any wedding."


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