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Cornerstone Chocolates & Confections

Your desserts are stunning to view and delicious to enjoy! I have witnessed the level of detail of your desserts and it takes passion, commitment and joy to have such immaculate creations. Where did this passion stem from?

"I think the devil is in the details and when it comes to setting up a custom dessert display for weddings, there are a lot of details. Getting the details right are what fuels my passion. Factors like the wedding color palette, decor and design, the heritage of the couple getting married are just some of the elements we like to consider when we design these displays. We really want these interactive dessert displays to be a tribute to the couple getting married and their unique tastes. Managing a successful delivery and getting the details right is an overwhelming responsibility but I find the creation of such displays are my ultimate joy. I love creating something from nothing and it bring me great joy to see the tangible results of an idea or vision come to life! I suppose I'm somewhat addicted to the creative process in general."

What can couples expect from completing a tasting with you?

"I truly enjoy our wedding tastings, meeting my clients in person really brings life to what I do. Usually, we meet for about an hour and the engaged couple has the opportunity to try different selections of cake and fillings and complemntary thin layers from our menus. We discuss the elements of their wedding and sometimes have the opportunity to create a custom design for their wedding cake. I'm a visual person and I love to make sketches of the wedding cake we'll create - this really helps my clients visualize the design so they know what to expect. We're really good at making the cake look like the previously - sketched design."

If you had to pick your favorite dessert what would it be and why?

"Fried dough in all its forms: from sopapillas, to donuts, to zeppoles, to beignets, to funnel cake. The outer crispiness that the frying technique creates while maintaining the tenderness of the pastry is a sensation that I particularly enjoy. Getting the dough "just-right" is always a rewarding treat!"


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