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Dani Cowan Photography

You capture phenomenal moments in your photography which leads me to believe you have a strong connection with your clients. How do you create your connection with couples leading up to their wedding day?

​"I love that you pointed this out! Something that is so important to me is cultivating a real relationship with my clients because I believe it leads to more authentic moments on camera. I mean, who wants to make-out in front of someone they don't know?! This is why I am such a believer in engagement sessions and why I include them complimentary in many of my collections. Meeting clients in person, when possible, and photographing them before the big day allows us all to have the space to get to know each other and allows them to warm up to the camera, get a feel for my posing and direction style, etc. This stemmed from my own "camera-shy"ness and realizing that having a friend take my photo is way less awkward! I aim for each and every client to feel at ease around me and feel like they have an old friend with them on their wedding day, because truly, the photographer spends more time with you than anyone else on your big day."

How would you describe your style of photography?

​"My style of photography has been described as romantic, timeless, and ethereal and my couples tend to share my love for natural light, breathtaking scenery, dreamy details, and of course, adventure. I believe it is my job to not only photograph true, authentic moments, but to do so in a way that really portrays the day in the best light. Often times, I'm told by my clients that the photos allowed them to re-live their wedding day that was even more beautiful than what they can remember in person and that is HUGE for me. I love the art of finding that perfect light or setting, creating a space for romantic moments to unfold, and prompting authentic reactions with my cues. I shoot with a mix of soft direction and photojournalism, as each have their strengths during different portions of the day. It truly is the perfect balance!"

You have shot on property for several events! What is most inspiring about shooting at Camp Hale?

​"I mean, have you been to the top of the mountain at Camp Hale? Absolutely jaw-dropping. The untouched scenery and aerial views are a photographer's dream! I try to get all of my clients up to the top for bride and groom pictures and they are NEVER disappointed. In fact, everyone I have ever worked with at Camp Hale has specifically said the scenery is better than they could have ever imagined or anything they've seen from other Colorado weddings...true story. I'll be honest, although I *LOVE* the portrait locations Camp Hale provides, I also have to note that I actually really love the secluded feel of Camp Hale. I believe it really allows guests to be more present and connect to the couple and scenery than if the venue were closer to town, and let's be real, everyone lets loose a bit more on the dance floor when they're getting a shuttle back to town! Lastly (can you tell I've really though about this in detail? I love Camp Hale for so many reasons!), I really adore that the reception tent is such a clean, open canvas. I don't know that I've seen another venue with the ability to transform into so many different designs, aesthetics, colors, and styles. It's a clean slate for making each and every couple's exact vision come to life and I love that!"


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