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Every time I see you - you are such a light! I know it is wonderful to work with you and that you love what you do. What is your favorite part of working in the wedding industry?

​"Fundamentally, at the end of the day, being a luxury wedding planner is about making people HAPPY! That is such a gift that I get to spend my career doing that and I truly love and value the relationships I develop with my clients. It's more than just a business transaction, it's about the people. Many past clients have become great friends, we share Christmas cards, get together when they visit Vail after their wedding - what a wonderful thing to be a part of. Before I was a planner, I was a marine biologist for 10 years and whenever I was able to show people whales or dolphins, the look on their face and the impact it made on them was truly special - and that's how I feel when a client walks into their venue on wedding day and sees it all together for the first time after a year or more of planning. I thrive by seeing that happiness on my clients face and exceeding their expectations."

What makes your planning process unique when working with a couple leading up to their wedding day?

​"In addition to the relationship building mentioned above, we plan very far in advance with the goal to have 90% of the wedding planning complete 2 or so months out, so as the date approaches our clients are excited and relaxed, not stressed. The biggest thoughts should be what should you pack for your honeymoon! We also focus on less events so they can all be exceptional and unique rather than creating many similar events or multiple events a weekend. Lastly, we are one of the most experienced companies in the Vail Valley and ONLY do weddings here so we know the venues, like Camp Hale, better than most."

What planning services do you offer?

​"We are a boutique luxury planning firm - I personally do 10 elect events per summer and 4-5 partial planning events with my Lead Planner. We value quality over quantity and truly strive to make each event unique, which takes time, thought and creativity. We are blessed to have been part of Camp Hale's most unique and luxurious weddings and been published for our work with Camp Hale. More fun to come in 2020 and beyond! Thank you for your support and being a wonderful creative partner!"

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