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Ginger and Baker

Your pie displays have been absolutely stunning at our wedding events. What is the inspiration behind creating unique, colorful and delicious pies?

​"Ginger grew up on a farm in Arkansas and her family believed that a good shared meal was how you built community. What better way to do that then with a fun and colorful display of pies?! Pie can brighten any occasion, and we focus on using seasonal ingredients, locally sourced when possible. We recommend a display with a variety of flavors and colors, and can also provide a full display setup for couples looking for a beautifully curated dessert table."

In your opinion what do pies offer at a wedding that a traditional cake cannot?

​"Pies at a wedding are a great way for guests to try something catered to their unique tastes. An assortment of flavors is always a hit, so there's something for everyone! At Ginger and Baker, we believe that pie brings people together, which is what weddings are all about - it's a perfect match!"

Are couples able to sample your pies at your bakery?

​"We have pies available year-round at our multi-concept ood hub located in the heart of Fort Collins' historic River District. Tasting for specific or custom flavors can absolutely be scheduled with our team - give us a call or send us a note today!"

Photos: Dani Cowan Photography

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