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GPS Wedding Films

By owning your company and working without associates, it appears as if your style is incredibly personal as you are the one filming and editing your creation. Do you agree this creates a level of personalization in working with you?

​"I definitely want to make my videos personalized to each couple, to fit their personality and style, and I think the only way to do that is to film and edit them myself. I like to meet or at least have a phone call with my couples to discuss their vision and plans. I never liked the idea of a big company sending who knows who to couples' big day."

Your film of Ashley & Ethan brought me to tears! What is your favorite part of capturing a couple on their wedding day?

​"I love seeing their personalities come out and trying to capture their emotions as best as I can. Whether that be their nevers or joy, I want to try to recreate how they felt on the day. I especially like the in between moments, when you can see how they really are, not pretending or posing for the camera."

What about filming in Colorado impassions you?

​"The mountains in Colorado are unlike anyplace I've been before. They're beautiful and constantly changing. You can go to the same spot over and over and it will look different each time. I also love that couples come from everywhere to get married here, so you get a nice diversity of people."

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