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Mannequin The Band

When we know Mannequin is coming to Camp Hale - we are ready for fun! We love seeing how you all engage with guests during your set and how much fun, presence and energy you put into your music. How do you as a group remain connected and present for each event you do, as many of these can be back to back events?

​"With how engaging our show is, performing as much as we do can be draining, so it's very important we stay healthy. From a practical standpoint, we are very attentive to our diet and fitness. As far as our performance mindset, truly loving to perform together keeps us very connected. We are the same exact band every time (no 'roster system'), so that naturally cultivates lots of chemistry. The whole band loves to know who we're performing for and they also love to honor the celebration we're a part of. We all consider ourselves very lucky to have jobs where we can bring fun and amazing music to our clients!"

What instruments / vocals are included in the band?

"We are a 10-piece band: 4 singers, drums, keys, bass, guitar, saxophone and trumpet. We also offer the option to add on extra horns if the client requests it."

What is your process working with couples leading up to their wedding day?

​"We love working with our couples to design the dance party of their dreams! Once our clients book us, they are given access to a client portal, which has a planning form that they can fill out. From that point leading up to the big day, they work with our client liaison, Mia - she works with our couples to make sure their timeline, song choices and every musical detail is exactly how the couple envisions it."


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