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Raising Cain

I love having you all at Camp Hale as you know how to bring the house down! How do you work as a group to continue being creative and bringing fantastic energy to your set?

​"It's many things, really! First, we're constantly on the lookout for great new songs to cover. This gives us a constantly expanding repertoire of songs we can play, and it also keeps our song list fresh. The other thing is that we invest a great deal of money and time in professional choreography. First and foremost, we of course view ourselves as musicians. But we also feel our role is to really entertain event guests! That goes beyond just performing music well. It means having a great, exciting stage show, with beautiful stage lights and awesome choreography that includes lots of fun moves and grooves! It's amazing how this keeps the dance floor packed! Event guests see the band movin' and groovin' and having a great time...and then it becomes contagious. It's like a magnet pulling people out on the dance floor!"

What instruments / vocals are included in the band?

"Our core instruments are drums, bass, rhythm guitar, lead guitar, keyboards, and a lead vocalist. (We actually have 3 outstanding lead vocalists - two women and one male. All 3 play keyboards. So whenever they're not singing lead, they rotate back to the keyboard station to cover that instrument part). All total, 5 of the 6 musicians in our core band sing. So we're able to cover lots of really complex, challenging vocal-intensive songs, like "Bohemian Rhapsody" as one example. We do about 60% of our performances as this core 6-piece band. It's a super complete, awesome product. However, we also have an amazing 3-piece horn section that can join us, for an additional fee. There's nothing like the full 9-piece band, with the horns (sax, trumpet and trombone!)"

What is your process working with couples leading up to their wedding day?

​"We treat every wedding like a custom event, from the songs we play to the timeline to everything else. So we spend a great deal of time with couples leading up to their wedding day. We book up as much as a year in advance, and we often spend 10 to 12 hours of complimentary planning help with a couple over the course of the year leading up to their wedding. We work closely with them to understand the type of music they love, and get their song choices for their first dances, and ceremony processionals, too, if we're playing their ceremony. We also work closely with them to create a great event timeline, order of elements, and transitions for a really seamless event! Since professional emceeing is another complimentary service we provide, it's important for us to work with clients to figure out what's going to happen and when, so we can facilitate and announce everything, and cover the transitions. We also get the names and phonetic pronunciations of everyone our clients want us to introduce, so we're able to do it exactly right!"

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