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Sugar n' Stems

I love this quote from your website - "Each flower, petal, leaf deserves attention, just as each part of who we are deserves attention. Our lives are like an arrangement...made up of many colors, textures and personalities". Beautiful.

Whenever you are on property you are hardworking, open hearted and arranging your incredible displays with a loving smile. What impassions you to create these masterpiece floral arrangements for your clients?

​"I truly believe that flowers have an impact. They are fleeting beauty and I feel so blessed to be able to work with them. I hope that my clients remember at least one of their flowers I used when they see it in nature, at a flower market, or a photo it will take them back to their magical memorial moments during their day. I arrange each piece with a soulful purpose. Each piece I create is different from the first, it may be in a small way, but no two flowers are exactly the same. I create art and that makes my heart happy."

What is your process working with a couple from start to finish?

​"I love my couples. The whole reason I got into events is so that I can create a relationship with them. I always make sure I have a good amount of time to get to know my couples. After we meet for our initial consultation where we chat about their vision for their big day I create a detailed proposal that I know my couples will fall in love with. I really listen to their individual style to make sure that their flowers/design represent who they are. After they book I'm theirs for their entire day. I do not book more than one in a day so that I can be at every event I book. This is what fills my bucket. Seeing the entire vision come to life and seeing my couple celebrating their love."

"I tell my clients a lot that I'm not just your florist. I want to make sure they are comfortable reaching out to me about any question. I want to make sure they enjoy our discussions. I want them to know how special their designs are to me. I am the one answering emails and phone calls. You get all of me." :)

"My favorite part of a wedding day is delivering the bouquet to my bride. I get to be one of the first to see her and I love the reaction to my bouquets I created for them. After all to me the bouquet is the number one accessory they will be carrying."

What floral arrangement services do you offer?

​"I do full service floral design meaning I'm there from the very beginning helping curate their visions and making it come to life. I will create, design, deliver, set up and clean up their florals. I will be there day of to make sure everything looks amazing. I almost always stay during the ceremony so I can see my couple tie the knot!!"


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