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Summit Oxygen

Although some may assume an Oxygen Bar is a novelty item - it absolutely serves a purpose! Reading through all of the benefits (to name a few - Increased Energy Levels, Mood, Concentration & Stress Improvement) how has it been combining something that is a fun and memorable experience for guests while simultaneously helping individuals health due to the natural benefits the Oxygen Bar provides?

​"It's been AWESOME! One of the most enjoyable parts of the Oxygen Bar for me personally is explaining the benefits of Oxygen at altitude. That's why we like to use the Pulse Oximeters to show guests their oxygen levels before and after."

What makes up the Oxygen Bar? Are there flavored scents included?

​"All Oxygen Bars are provided with an attendant to service guests, unlimited nasal cannulas, Oxygen Bar display, choice of scents and pulse oximeter readings for entertainment. The flavor is derived from natural tea."

In my book - this is a must for a true Colorado wedding experience! Why would you encourage couples to include an Oxygen Bar for their wedding day?

​"The experience is UNIQUE. Typical weddings have photographers, DJ's or a Band, maybe a photo booth, alcohol, wedding favors and various food options. Couples are always looking for something unique and memorable at their wedding so their guests can talk about it later. The health benefits I consider a bonus. We receive compliments all of the time about how much the guests enjoy the Oxygen Bar. Not to mention how we saved some weddings from being a disaster - "Grandma and Grandpa would not have been able to attend if it wasn't for the Oxygen Bar"..."Most of my guests are from sea level, I don't want anyone getting sick due to the altitude". I hear these phrases a lot. It's a very memorable experience - guests are constantly taking pictures while using the Oxygen Bar."

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